Eternal has been a wonderful and magical place for many of us to write creatively with those we care for most. Unfortunately, as with all good things, it must eventually come to an end. That end is now. For the past year, Eternal has been a safe haven for open creativity, community, and fun, with like-minded individuals and incredible friendships. Alas, the sun has come and set, and will rise no more. Eternal is closed, indefinitely. Please collect your coding tables, profile information, and anything personal from the site. The site will be permanently shut down on February 1st. The boards are no longer open for posting, but all can still be accessed. This is not goodbye - it is merely "until we meet again". We are out there in the community, writing, celebrating friendship and the incredibly complex, intricately woven stories we've all created with the characters we so love. Please consider our affiliates (Fimbulvetr, Caeleste, Novus) to continue your incredible stories, or join us at Ourania.

Thank you for being a part of Eternal, and thank you for a wonderful year.

Your story begins here - all around you is the cry of gulls and the scent of a briny sea. You know you’re somewhere strange; but where? The ocean goes on for as far as the eye can see, and the sand is a deep charcoal, impenetrable by light. There is a distant cliffside, but the fog is too thick to see what might lay beyond it, or even at the top of it. There is a distinct eeriness that can only come from such a dense and heavy mist, with the raucous, ravenous sea lapping hungrily at the shoreline. The only object to guide you is a weather-beaten statue, old enough that the features have long worn away though the outline of a horse can still clearly be distinguished. Maybe you should approach it?

Be sure to read the Guidebook and FAQ before joining!
A gathering place for the residents of Eternal, Sunsteppe is a grassy expanse of open field along a pale, sandy shoreline. Littered here and there with wallflowers and saltbush, and cut apart from Eventide by a rapid, winding stream, Sunsteppe is said to replenish one’s hunger and thirst while leaving them refreshed; a great place to heal and meet new potential friends.

There is much to be found and discovered about Sunsteppe, and hidden in the sand are a plethora of seashells, sand dollars, sea glass and perhaps, even a wayward gem, swept in by the frothing tide. Unlike Sol and Noc, Sunsteppe is not swathed in eternal day or eternal night. The sun falls and the moon rises in a cyclic routine of night and day. Here lies the only entrance to Sol, hidden beneath a relentless waterfall in the northwest region of Sunsteppe.
On the far side of of the common lands rests Eventide, a barnacle-covered outcropping of ragged rocks that take constant assault from the sea. Explore the few saltwater pools teeming with life at high-tide, or slip down to the narrow shore across the dark, blackened sand for an evening stroll while the sunlight dances across the horizon in colorful opulence.

The current is strongest here, and pushing too far out to sea can be dangerous, though what is life without a little risk? Those who plunge too deeply into the briny sea might find reward for their bravery - or perhaps have their life stolen from them. Unlike Sol and Noc, Eventide is not swathed in eternal day or eternal night. The sun falls and the moon rises in a cyclic routine of night and day. Summon your bravery to delve into a deep underground cave to the southeast of Eventide, where you will find the only entrance to Noc.
The Wreckage
Just as summer of Eternal’s second year had come to a close, the powers of the main island called to Aya, coaxing her to give new life to their ever-changing world. She unfurled her leafy wings and rocketed her emerald body into the sky, carrying the weight of the earth with her. In the wake of her impressive power stands a monolith constructed of massive rock slabs that lean on each other just the way siblings do, creating a space beneath for travelers to rest and find safety. Vibrant flora and babbling brooks entwine around the immense bedrock, gracing it with added beauty.

Those travelers who venture beyond the altar will find a shrine for each deity, tucked away in cozy corners of the land with features reminiscent of their creators.

There is more to the life of an Eternal resident than the simple pleasantries of shallow conversation ─ while some may choose to stay protected within their territories, others will hunt for glory. Multiple options stand before those who wish to taste sweet success, and to be remembered for eternity.

Steal what is not yours (but should be), battle to prove that you are not to be trifled with, breed to extend your bloodlines for another generation, and Quest with the Gods in their sandbox universe. Make a name for yourself ─ infamy is waiting.

Be sure to read the Guidebook before utilizing these forums!
At the westernmost point of Sunsteppe, you will come to find a roaring waterfall that feeds into a crystalline water basin brimming with vibrantly colored fish. Take your chances at slipping beneath the torrent of water and into the large, airy cavern that awaits on the other side. The cave is dark and cool, though not unwelcoming, and stretches into the distance. Explore a bit further and you will find that the cavern is attached to a waterfall at the other end, as well ─ step beneath this one and into eternal day.

Named after the mother of Eternal’s deities, Sol is swathed in eternal daylight. The island will darken to twilight once a day and then lighten back up as the hours pass, though keep in mind that it’s not always sunny. Its climate is fairly predictable but can fall victim to Helios and his wrath, should rage befall him. Though it is full of beautiful natural landscapes, some yet to be discovered, the aubergine god can most commonly be found in the halls of Blackrock or the haze of Scarwood’s dense forest, while the goddess of earth can sometimes be spotted along the rocky shorelines and hidden grottos of Prismacove.
Work your way to the easternmost point in Eventide to access the island of eternal night. It’s here that you will find a well-worn path leading into the massive maw of a dark underground cave, hidden near a rocky outcropping, Cool air clings to you as you enter, pregnant with the musty, humid scent of seasalt. Glowing stalactites loom overhead. Venture far enough and you will come out the other side, greeted by Noc’s extraordinary celestial skies.

Aya crafted the island of Noc to match the visions of Imbris and Father Noc ─ its rolling sand dunes and tropical forests are two of the island’s greatest wonders, and where the goddess of night can be found most often. The island of darkness is often cast in the silver glow of a massive moon, but on occasion storm clouds can drown out even the strongest rays and succumb Noc to overwhelming blackness. The sky will lighten to the dark blues of an early dawn once a day before dipping back beneath its millions of stars.
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