winter, year 3
The Ice Age is over.

Thick ice and continuously falling snow blanket the entirety of Eternal, brought upon by Noc's wrath. Shelter is scarce, and food even scarcer. There is no climate or biome that was lucky enough to find themselves safe from the beginnings of the Ice Age and so the residents of Eternal must don their primal survival instincts and to just that ─ survive. Ice blockages have grown supernaturally between the islands, blocking Sunsteppe from Sol and Eventide from Noc, effectively trapping each islander on whichever island they currently stand. The Dragonfrost and dusk leopards from Gleamleaf and greater boreus deer from Mountainfade have seeped into all of Noc, Eventide's spectors and Sunsteppe's sculptors have overrun the central island, and the wolves, Ice Piskys, and Creeping Thistle have invaded all of Sol.
OOC announcements
12.6.18 Please welcome our newest moderators, Sparkie and Liv! Be sure to check out the new rule revisions.

10.12.18 Noc has descended from the stars, and the reunion with his children, the three deities, is anything but happy. The whole of Eternal has been plunged into an Ice Age, and it seems that, for now, it's up to the deities to restore the islands. Will they be able to do so quickly enough? Or will the residents of Eternal know suffering because of the mishaps spread between Helios, Imbris, and Aya? For now, ice blockages have been erected between the islands, meaning that everyone is stuck where they currently are. Where is your character? Tell us here.

10.4.18 What?! An October raffle?!?!

9.22.18 Be sure to check out our gorgeous new map, complete with clickable links to your favorite territories!

8.4.18 Welcome to Winter, as Year 2 draws to a close! OTY Nominations will be up in a day or two ─ while we wait, please check out the Movie Night survey that was linked in our Discord!

7.28.18: Congratulations to the newest members of our team, our moderators Berb and Witty! Thank you so much to everyone who applied - we appreciate every single one of you.

7.24.18: The staff of Eternal are looking for their first MODERATOR! If you'd like to become a part of our team, click here to apply!

7.14.18 Round Two of the To Lands of Old Quest has been posted! Participants have until 11:59PM EST on July 28 to complete their rapid-fire old school battle posts. The information thread can be found >here!

7.1.18 Round One of the To Lands of Old quest can be found right here! Participants have until the night of the 8th to respond!

7.1.18: Welcome to version two: The Wreckage! Aya, Helios and Imbris have all created a beautiful sanctuary in which the characters we all know and love can come by to pay their respects, to place offerings, and seek counsel with the elusive deities. Furthermore, the database has been updated to reflect each level of an ability, the profiles have been given a complete overhaul, and our new layout is more streamlined than ever!

IC announcements
12.6.18 The Ice Age is over, and the deities Helios, Aya and Imbris have been stripped of their powers - as the ice begins to recede, an explosion of stardust and cosmic matter descends from the vast and starlit sky, and with it, new magic ..

10.12.18 Noc has descended from the stars, and the reunion with his children, the three deities, is anything but happy. The whole of Eternal has been plunged into an Ice Age, and it seems that, for now, it's up to the deities to restore the islands. Will they be able to do so quickly enough? Or will the residents of Eternal know suffering because of the mishaps spread between Helios, Imbris, and Aya? For now, ice blockages have been erected between the islands, meaning that everyone is stuck where they currently are. Where is your character? Tell us here.

10.4.18 Whatever unknown thing that invaded the southern territories in the middle of spring has snaked its icy fingers out and enveloped those remaining territories that everyone had believed (or hoped) to be safe. Wolves, Creeping Thistle, Pesky Piskys, Blackrock's river... Not even Sunsteppe is safe from the intrusion, though it appears -- at least for now -- that the Wreckage remains untouched. Perhaps it should be investigated?

9.17.18 Something isn't right. Eternal still refuses to warm, even as we progress through spring and near summer. The southernmost territories have begun to notice some changes: from Greater Boreus Deer in Mountainfade, to Dragonfrost in Gleamleaf; frozen sandstorms in Astraldune, and even icy wraiths in Eventide. What happened? And what can be done to return the islands to normal?

9.2.18 Springtime has come, but the frigid winter still remains, enveloping the three islands in ice, snow and brutal wind. There are no flowers, nor grass - no foliage at all. The animals are beginning to suffer, as they emerge from hibernation or birth their young, struggling to find sustenance. The air is thick with tension, as a wretched and unforgiving storm brews still in the distance - will Eternal find reprieve from the cold?

8.4.18 Round Three of the To Lands of Old quest has been posted! The remaining participants have one week to get their posts in. Good luck and have fun!

7.27.18 Astraldune is under new leadership! In the wake of Solomon's disappearance, Helios has placed Gryffen into leadership!

6.26.18 Helios has appeared in Sunsteppe! What could he be doing there?

6.19.18 With magic from Imbris, Totem has been gifted with a daughter of her own, molded from clay and infused with a piece of her own soul. Make sure to check out the thread here!

6.1.18: Welcome to Summer!

5.26.18: The Grotto has been unveiled! Imbris paid a visit to Nymphetamine in Prismacove and led him on an underwater adventure to the Grotto, effectively creating a new sub-board for the residents of Prismacove to explore!

open threads

Eternal FAQ


  • 01. Where am I? What is this place?
    • Welcome, stranger. It appears you’ve found our little world, Eternal. We are a civilization divided ─ not by good and evil (though you will find both here), but by eternal day and eternal night. Sol and Noc, respectively. We are home to a handful of deities who oftentimes find entertainment in sending Eternal’s residents on quests (and, sometimes, for hefty rewards). We are also proud to be the home of horses that can fly, horses that can shift, horses that can control lightning, boring ol’ regular horses, and everything in between.
  • 02. Wait… eternal day and eternal night? How does that work?
    • Sol and Noc are separated by a portal, of sorts. The residents of Eternal call it the Veil. Stepping through the Veil will bring you to eternal day or to eternal night, depending on the direction you’re going. In Sol, it’s permanently daytime. This doesn’t mean that Sol is constantly sunny, though ─ it has its fair share of assorted weather. The day in Sol will darken to twilight and then will lighten back up as the hours pass. In Noc, the moon is your guiding light. The constant darkness will lighten to a dark blue dawn once a day before falling back into night. Noc, too, can fall subject to different weather and climates, but when the sky is clear, the stars are a phenomenon in and of themselves..
  • 03. So, how did I get here?
    • Well, were you born here? No? (Please note that only foals born in-game may actually say that they were born in Eternal). Then you must have found our Veil in some outside world. Maybe you stumbled upon it hidden in a forest. Maybe it was at the bottom of a lake and you tried to swim deep enough to see. Maybe you just woke up here in the Veil, confused and lost. The story is up to you.
  • 04. What about foliage and wildlife? Should I expect anything abnormal?
    • Absolutely! We encourage stretching the imagination, so the worlds we’ve provided will be full of unusual things for your characters to encounter. At the moment, we have no wildlife or flora that will cause harm to your character from ingesting or from physical contact… but our world is always changing, so keep a cautious eye out.
  • 05. And what about the weather? Are the seasons normal?
    • For the most part, the weather that you and your characters will encounter here tends to be similar to the weather on Earth. However, Eternal is a world of beautiful oddities, so there is a pretty fair chance that your characters may stumble upon some interesting weather patterns. The deities will be sure of that!


  • 01. Why does everyone look so… different? Do they use magic to look that way?
    • We think it safe to say there may be a bit of magic in the Veil that influences the way we look. Horses coming through the portal vary in shape, size, texture, and color - the style, though, is initially up to you, the player. !
  • 02. Can my character look however I want them to?
    • To an extent, yes. As long as your character doesn’t have an attribute that can affect other characters, you can apply it. Purple hair? Cool. Glittery polka dots? Why not! Celestial patterned snake skin? Sure! Wolf paws? Sorry, nope. But why? Wolf claws can harm another character, so they’re a no-go. However, this isn’t to say that features like this cannot be acquired later on from the Shop.
  • 03. What if I want to change how my character looks after joining?
    • Check out the Shop to see purchasable changes. If there is something specific you’re looking for and it’s not available, head on over to the Temple and try to tempt a Deity into giving you a quest!


  • 01. Earlier, you mentioned deities. How will they be involved in my life here?
    • Eternal was created by the deities. While they tend to be evasive, chances are that you will still have the opportunity to see and interact with them. They will welcome you into Eternal, provide judgment for your steals and battles, bless your offspring with traits, and they will entertain you with quests and random events.
  • 02. Quests? What kinds of quests?
    • All kinds! Some quests will be involved in site-wide plots and some will be solely for character development. Rewards can include IC & OOC perks, though keep in mind that the deities can be fickle, so there may be the chance of defects.
  • 03. Can I visit them, even if they aren’t holding a quest at the moment?
    • Definitely! Deities can be visited in the Wreckage at any time.
  • 04. Can the deities rule territories?
    • Absolutely not. Not only would it be unfair to you, the players, if the deities decided to rule territories, but it would also distract them from their very time-consuming task of keeping Eternal afloat. You may (rarely) see them in the territories, but for the most part, they enjoy keeping the mystique of their existence.


  • 01. How can I get a magical ability?
    • When you join, a Deity will bless your character with one intermediate level ability! You have three options: (1) you can let the deities know what type of ability you think would best suit your character, and the deities will either grant your request or come up with something similar, (2) leave it entirely up to the deities to decide (based on your character’s appearance and personality) or (3) abstain from obtaining an ability altogether.
  • 02. What if I want to bring a character from another site?
    • If you’re bringing a character over from another site, and he or she already has abilities, just contact one of the admins or mods before completing your join post! We want to foster your creativity here, and we acknowledge that some characters coming from other places already have histories, backstories, traits, and physical attributes to match. Again, the first trait given to your character by the deities will be styled after their personality ─ so if you want to bring a horse named Mystic who can summon Fire, her pre-existing traits will be taken into account when giving your horse a new Eternal life.
  • 03. Can I get more than one ability?
    • Over time, yes! You may purchase new abilities or acquire them through quests, but unlocking them may require a bit of work on your character’s behalf. Each character is allowed three (3) abilities. Additional ability spots are available for purchase in the Shop.
  • 04. How can I make my ability more powerful?
    • Great question! You can choose to upgrade your ability by using the points you accrue through posting and site events and through quest participation. Your first ability will begin at the intermediate level and all subsequent abilities will begin at the beginner level, and you can upgrade them through purchasing an upgrade through the Shop.
  • 05. How does the upgrade work?
    • Upgrading your ability makes it stronger. It will fatigue your character less, allow your character to use it for longer periods of time, and will allow for further range. When your character’s ability reaches the advanced level, the deities will grant it an additional attribute to reward your determination to master your ability.
  • 06. Do all of my character’s abilities need to be in the same category (Elemental, Mental, Physical or Defensive)?
    • Nope! Your character may have abilities in any category.
  • 07. What if I don’t see an ability in the database that I think should be there?
    • Suggest it! We are always open to new ability ideas. We’d like our database to grow and morph just as Eternal does the same.
  • 08. How will abilities affect my life in Eternal?
    • Other than being a part of your character, abilities are essential if you’re looking to fight or steal your way to the top. Some abilities will give you more strength, others more cunning, and some are only good for defense. It’s our hope that the abilities your characters possess will help to enhance your time in Eternal.

The Veil

  • 01. So, what’s this Veil thing like?
    • The Veil is where your character will appear in Eternal for the first time. Situated in Graystone, the Veil covers nearly half of the seaside outcropping, its dense mist coming to a hazy end just as it reaches the weather-worn horse statue that rests in its heart. The Veil’s misty fingers blanket the shale earth, never progressing or regressing beyond or away from this halfway mark, instead simply existing. Golden flecks of dust float and dart within the Veil’s denser areas and the supernatural vapor suppresses sound, leaving any adventurers to listen only to their own breathing and hoofbeats.
  • 02. Is there something special about the statue?
    • Perhaps you should investigate it to find out ─ rumor has it that the deities will bless newcomers with their first ability here, upon their exit from the Veil.
  • 03. Can I go back through the Veil?
    • If your intention is to leave Eternal, yes. You cannot go back and forth.
  • 04. What if I want to return to the Veil to be blessed with another ability at the statue?
    • You may only acquire your first ability from the statue near the Veil. But your character can still visit and roam around Graystone whenever they’d like to meet up with old friends and new!


  • 01. After starting in Graystone, where do I go from there?
    • Anywhere your heart desires! You have a plethora of options, from the common lands Sunsteppe and Eventide (which subscribe to the regular cyclic daytime to nighttime scheme that we experience in our daily lives), to the Temple where the deities might be found, to the territories tucked within Noc and Sol.
  • 02. How do I get to Noc and Sol?
    • The islands of Noc and Sol sit in the waters to the east and west of Eternal’s main island, though neither of them can be seen from any location on its shores. Perhaps they are too far away to be seen, or maybe they are simply hidden by the magic of the deities. To access Noc, work your way to the easternmost point in Eventide. It’s here that you will find a well-worn path leading into the massive maw of a dark underground cave. Venture far enough and you will come out the other side, greeted by Noc’s eternal night and extraordinary celestial skies. Head in the opposite direction, to the westernmost point of Sunsteppe, and you will come to find a roaring waterfall that feeds into a crystalline water basin brimming with vibrant fish. Take your chances at slipping beneath the torrent of water and into the large, airy cavern that awaits on the other side. Explore a bit further and you will find that the cavern is attached to a waterfall at the other end, as well ─ step beneath this one and into the eternal day of Sol.
  • 03. What can I find in each of them?
    • It’s within Noc and Sol that you will find the territories that our residents call home. Each have their own intricacies, and each their own secrets. Spend enough time in any of them and you are bound to find new and exciting things. It’s been said that the deities have each taken a liking to a pair of the territories, and on rare occasion may be spotted within them.
  • 04. If I choose one side, is that where I’m stuck forever?
    • Of course not! Your characters may roam as little or as much as they would like, hopping between Noc and Sol to their hearts’ content.
  • 05. So… that’s it? I can explore Eternal now?
    • Yes! Live! Explore! Make this land your own. Whatever you do, never forget that we are Eternally grateful to have you here, bringing life to the game that we have created.
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